Blooming Tea

Sensatea Blooming Tea, a sensational surprise in your teapot!
 Blooming Tea consists of a bundle of tea leaves, that are wrapped around a flower – the tea flower.

Thanks to tiny cotton threads the flower leaves are tied together to one bulb. Once the blooming tea gets in contact with hot water, the Green Tea leaves unfolds itself and a main flower emerges.

In the time the flower starts to unfold itself, the tea leaves provide its extracts, flavor and taste. The unfolding process of the tea flower is surely unique and beautiful to see.

There are different types of blooming tea on the market, whose quality is clearly visible! Sensatea carries a varied assortment of blooming teas of highest quality. We add no artificial scents or flavors to our tea –. All blooming teas are individually wrapped, guaranteeing quality and product consistency.